From tag-on at the start of shift, until leaving safely at the end of day,
MineARC Systems are With You All The Way.
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Triggering Emergency Protocols

MineARC provides a range of safety and emergency response solutions for mining and tunnelling that will protect personnel and assist in safe, efficient extraction.

We understand that keeping track of personnel can be tricky. Know who is underground, when, with the implementation of our GuardIAN Digital Tagboard; and account for their whereabouts at all times with our tracking options that range from zonal to pin-point. 

In the event of dangerous gas levels, our range of handheld and fixed gas monitoring options will trigger automated alerts throughout the mine; including the release of the powerful odour of Stench Gas, visual warnings from GuardIAN Lighting Nodes, and the SiriUS-LUX Cap Lamps flashing a unique sequence – all to indicate that evacuation is necessary.

Getting to Safety

During an emergency, our DEZEGA Self-Contained Self-Rescuers will ensure personnel are supplied breathable air as they make their way to safety. Our navigational lighting,  used in conjunction with our tracking technology, will guide them on the most direct route to safe refuge in a MineSAFE Chamber.

During this refuge period, occupant well-being can be monitored visually by a live video feed, with direct communication via VOIP Phone from the remote operations centre.

Emergency Responders

GuardIAN remote monitoring can provide critical information that will help first responders to prioritise their recovery plan based on patient needs and environmental conditions.

During these critical moments, emergency responders can confidently rely on  their DEZEGA P-70 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus – the smallest and lightest SCBA solution in it’s class.  

Should they be required, CAREvent CA Auto Resuscitators and ZOLL Automated External Defibrillators are also available from the MineARC emergency response product range.

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MineARC offer a comprehensive range of mining and tunnelling safety equipment for ‘that moment’;
from detection and alerts, to safe refuge and emergency extraction solutions.

Our goal has always been  to ensure all personnel make it home safely at the end of their shift.