Disaster Relief Safety Solutions​

At MineARC Systems, our disaster relief shelters have been developed through our knowledge and expertise in the manufacture of underground refuge chamber technology to produce a comprehensive range of shelters for above ground disaster relief and crisis applications. Our range of purpose-designed disaster relief shelters, including the StormSAFE Cyclone and Lightning Shelters, as well as the MediSAFE First Aid Station, are engineered to improve safety and reduce operational costs.

MineARC’s StormSAFE Shelters are versatile and adaptable design make them appropriate for use across a number of disaster relief applications, including oil and gas sites, rural communities, cattle stations, regional tourist destinations, or any location that experiences extreme weather conditions.

MineARC’s in-house specialists work closely with clients to develop a custom solution to suit their needs, including compliance with specific building codes, occupancy requirements and internal features. We also offer modular design options to allow for easy disassembly and relocation.

StormSAFE Cyclone Shelters are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions at remote locations such as mine sites.

First Aid Stations for Remote Environments​

MineARC’s MediSAFE First Aid Station is the only dedicated portable first aid chamber that can be used both above and below ground. Designed for harsh environments and remote locations, the MediSAFE features a solid steel construction with insulated walls and air-conditioning for comfort.

The MediSAFE provides a hygienic and safe environment for immediate patient evaluation & treatment on-site. The chamber comes with a comprehensive fit-out tailored for first aid applications.

MediSAFE First Aid Station is a portable first aid chamber that can be used above or below ground.

Climate Control Shelter​

The Climate Control Shelter is a fully portable unit that can be placed in close proximity to a work area and used during scheduled break periods as a temperature controlled rest area. This minimises time lost during legally mandated break times, which can contribute to several hours of wasted productivity per person, on every shift.

  • Portable unit for rest breaks
  • Insulated, air-conditioned environment
  • Optional sink

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