MineARC Client Support

Our support services go beyond service maintenance; with a strong focus on client support, MineARC has offices and manufacturing facilities across the globe. MineARC is able to provide clients with 24-hour global support on custom design projects, commissioning and servicing.

Refuge Chambers and Safe Havens are robust machines equipped with sophisticated life-saving technology. With the growth of safety requirements, refuge chambers have become commonplace for the safe retreat of personnel engaged in underground miningtunnellingchemical processingdisaster relief and biotechnology industries.

Regularly servicing and performing maintenance checks on a refuge chamber will help ensure your equipment is ready in the event of an emergency. A team of qualified service technicians are available at MineARC, combined with state-of-the-art training programs, ensure your refuge is kept in optimum condition.


Types of Support

Training Centre

Free training courses, providing clients the opportunity to upskill in areas such as service & maintenance, electrical troubleshooting and the general operation of MineARC Chambers.

Chamber Maintenance

Regularly servicing and performing maintenance checks on a refuge chamber will help ensure your equipment is ready in the event of an emergency.

After Sales Support

Contact our friendly support centre seven days a week for troubleshooting assistance, on-site induction opportunities, chamber commissioning, as well as upgrade and refurbishment options.

Engineering Resources

MineARC's in-house engineering team are on hand to provide customised design solutions, as well as electrical and software support to clients.

MineARC has been a great asset to PMC. They have provided technical expertise on the maintenance of our Refuge Chambers, proactively recommended and implemented improvements in areas that add value and have provided real backup on spare parts. A pleasure to work with and always accommodating, their staff is very personable and they handle all my Refuge Chamber needs.

Jonas Ndlovu Mine Captain, Palabora Mining Company (PMC)

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