Controlled Environments for Biotechnology & Agriculture - Biora Reach-In and Walk-In Chambers

Enjoy the benefits of innovative functionality, versatility, and replication of any environmental condition within a secure and robust modular enclosure.

For each Biora Walk-In and Reach-In Chamber, MineARC offers a consultative design process; what we need for customers to have control over all aspects of the engineering and manufacturing phase.

Biora provides accurate and proven monitoring systems for efficient production of test-controlled and controlled environment agriculture, and can be effectively used in:

  • Plant growth
  • Germination
  • Tissue culture
  • Harvest Sciences and Diseases
  • Algae
  • Arabidopsis
  • Entomology
  • Seeds and their storage and drying applications.
  • Medicinal cannabis

Controlled Environments - View by Structure

Portable Walk-In Chambers

Ideal for indoor and outdoor locations, the fully portable design eliminates the hassle of on-site installation and certification.

Modular Walk-In Chambers

Insitu culture chambers that are shipped and built on site by MineARC technicians; suitable for indoor locations where access is limited.

Portable Walk-In Cleanrooms

Portable cleanrooms from Biora offer a movable solution to any application that requires a high level of environmental control.


Modular Walk-In Cleanrooms

Modular style cleanrooms are the most flexible and versatile way of designing a “room within a room” for high environmental control.

Reach-In Chambers

Range of culture chambers from 600 – 1400L; providing complete control over environmental conditions to suit any plant growth requirement.

Custom Research Infrastructure

Develop your facility’s core equipment and capabilities through Biora’s range of established or custom-designed research infrastructure. 

LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Light - MITRA

Featuring a modular design, an innovative cooling solution, and IP67 dust and water resistance, MITRA is any growers dream come true for both indoors and greenhouses.

LED Grow Light - SIERA

With its light weight, IP67 rating, and simple mounting solution, the SIERA light bar redefines the ways in which growers can approach their vertical farming installations.

LED Grow Light - ELIXIA

Designed and built on a foundation of over a decade of research and experience, ELIXIA is an essential tool for any greenhouse or indoor operation seeking to deliver superior crop quality.

LED Grow Light - DYNA

Featuring nine individually controlled wavelengths ranging from 380nm (UVA) to 735nm (Far-Red), DYNA is without question the worlds most flexible LED grow light for plant scientists. 

Ancillary Products

LED Glasses

The world’s first glasses formulated to balance and compensate for the unique spectrum of LED grow lights, whilst providing exceptional colour and clarity.

HPS Glasses

Delivers ‘perfect colour’ for the ultimate experience when working for extended periods in the intense yellow spectrum and harsh conditions of HPS lighting.

Camera Lens Filters

Capture ‘perfect colour’ photos in your walk-in or reach-in grow room with HPS and LED lens filters. Compatible with any camera with a Cokin ‘P’ filter holder.

Carbon Dioxide Control

A compact air regeneration system that “purifies” carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air inside confined spaces; allowing complete control of CO2 levels.

Handheld Spectrometer

Provides plant reference spectrum to compare and compensate the necessary light wavelength required by each particular plant. 

RO Water Recycling Kit

Takes excess water from the Reach-In Chamber drain outlet, purifies it, then adds it back to the humidifier

What is a Controlled Environment?

A controlled environment is an enclosed area with specific parameters regulated, including temperature, pressure, light, airflow and segregation. The most well-known example of a controlled environment is a laboratory; these rooms have controlled temperatures and pressure, and are separated from other operations. Unlike a clean room, controlled environments do not necessarily have to meet certain standards for particle contamination.

Controlled environments are used across a variety of industries from biotechnology to mining. While the overall purpose and outcomes are different for each sector, the underlining conditions of the controlled environments remain the same. 

Being able to control the parameters of an environment to mimic certain conditions gives endless possibilities.