IoT Connectivity, Infrastructure & Software
- GuardIAN Intelligence Network

IoT connectivity has the potential to dramatically impact global safety standards; improving data relay and communications, across a robust network.

In response to industry requirements, the GuardIAN Intelligence Network has been designed to improve personnel safety, increase productivity and provide greater cost efficiencies to sites globally.

It has been engineered to provide site-wide integration; allowing real-time monitoring of the underground environment, site assets, and personnel via any PC, tablet or mobile device.

GuardIAN encompasses a range of products that can be implemented singularly or collectively to improve safety standards on-site, including gas monitoring, smart lighting, personnel tracking and refuge chamber monitoring.

Digital Gas Monitoring
- GuardIAN Gas Node

Digital Gas Monitoring Nodes from the GuardIAN range provide an external gas monitoring solution for site.

Underground Smart Lighting
- GuardIAN Lighting Node

Underground Smart Lighting from the GuardIAN Node range utilises intelligent illumination to communicate critical information.

Personnel Tracking
- GuardIAN Tracking Nodes

Personnel Tracking from the GuardIAN Node range allows sites to remotely monitor the location and well-being of all underground staff.

Refuge Chamber Monitoring

GuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring enables real-time monitoring; providing confidence that your refuge chambers are emergency ready.

Handheld Gas Detection

The Aura-PT handheld digital gas monitor provides personnel with the ability to continuously monitor up to six gases.

Coaxial Cable

Enjoy easy network connection with the GuardIAN Connect Coaxial Cable, powered by RFI Technology Solutions.

Digital Tagboard - GuardIAN

The GuardIAN Digital Tagboard provides a unique and effective method of managing a site’s tag-in and tag-out procedures, with its smart tagging system and robust design.

What is the GuardIAN Intelligence Network?

Designed to provide integrated, site-wide intelligence through diagnostics, tracking and communications; each product within the GuardIAN Network is purpose engineered to embrace five main principles while taking standards in industrial safety to the next level:

1. Improved personnel safety
2. Increased operational activities
3. Better cost efficiencies
4. Ease of application
5. Integration into the broader site network