Digital Gas Monitoring Node
- GuardIAN Gas Node

Digital Gas Monitoring Nodes from the GuardIAN range provide a remote gas monitoring solution for mine sites; designed specifically to be mounted to rock wall and high traffic areas of the underground mine. Sensor technology within each node monitors gas levels in surrounding areas; designed to facilitate efficiency and safety during re-entry and in an emergency.

As part of the GuardIAN Intelligence Network, the gas monitoring nodes can form an expandable and adaptable web, allowing increased coverage and accuracy of atmospheric data transmitted between MineARC Refuge Chambers, underground personnel and above-ground control.

Gas nodes can also be utilised alongside GuardIAN Lighting Nodes and Tracking Nodes.

Fixed Gas Node on Chamber_Underground Gas Monitoring_GuardIAN

Discover how GuardIAN Personnel Tracking can integrate with the wider GuardIAN Intelligence Network to visually show all personnel within the underground mine.

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