Underground Tracking Nodes - GuardIAN

Designed specifically for use in underground environments, MineARC’s Personnel Tracking Node system ensures all workers safety and positioning is monitored at all times.

Underground Tracking Nodes from the GuardIAN range has been specifically developed to integrate with the GuardIAN Intelligence Network, allowing sites to remotely monitor the location and well-being of their best asset – their staff.

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How does the underground tracking system monitor staff?

A small tracking chip located within MineARC’s personal devices (such as the SiriUS-LUX Cap Lamp and Aura-PT Handheld Gas Detector) communicates via wireless technology with the nearest GuardIAN Node, providing location information back to the GuardIAN Network.

Tracking Capability

GuardIAN Tracking Technology is particularly useful during an emergency scenario; providing navigational assistance to safe passage or the nearest refuge chamber. Those monitoring the system will have peace of mind knowing the workers or miners current locations away from the disaster zones where existing infrastructure has been destroyed.

Tracking in Underground Mines

Personnel tracking systems are becoming increasingly popular in underground mines. By tracking the location of workers, these systems can help improve safety and efficiency in mine operations. Personnel tracking systems can also help to monitor worker fatigue and identify potential hazards. In the event of an emergency, personnel tracking systems can be used to locate and rescue workers who are trapped or injured.

Tracking in Open Pit Mines

Open pit mines are often large and complex operations, requiring close coordination between different teams in order to ensure safety and efficiency. Personnel tracking systems can be a valuable tool in managing these operations, allowing managers to see where workers are located at any given time and ensuring that everyone is accounted for.



MineARC’s Personnel Tracking Nodes track workers or miners in real time through the dashboard. It integrates with the GuardIAN network to provide accurate, up-to-date information on the location of employees. The system can be used to track the whereabouts of staff in case of an emergency, and can also be used to monitor productivity.

Underground Tracking - Digital Tagboard

MineARC’s Digital Tagboard comes as a complete unit, designed to allow personnel to pair their MineARC personal devices to their ID number and digitally tag on for the day. There is also a manual redundancy, utilising the traditional method of hanging the ID tag to a hook.

The tagboard is available in an 80-person configuration, with expansion modules available to suit any size site.

The unit also features a fixed light and camera for added security.

Personnel Tracking_Underground Mining_GuardIAN Node
Personnel Tracking_Underground Mining_GuardIAN Node

Discover how GuardIAN Personnel Tracking can integrate with the wider GuardIAN Intelligence Network to visually show all personnel within the underground mine.

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