Underground Smart Lighting -
GuardIAN Lighting Node

Underground Smart Lighting from the GuardIAN Node range provides sites with the ability to provide a visual alert when evacuation is necessary, and assist in guiding personnel safely to the nearest available refuge chamber.

The Smart Light also doubles as a UWB tracking device, reporting on the location of all personnel underground.

Controlled and monitored via the GuardIAN Network, the Lighting Nodes can also be utilised alongside GuardIAN Gas Monitoring Nodes and GuardIAN Tracking Nodes; providing a complete safety solution for underground mines.

Smart Lighting_Underground Navigation_GuardIAN Nodes_Thunderbox
Smart Lighting_Underground Navigation_GuardIAN Nodes_Thunderbox_2

Discover how GuardIAN Personnel Tracking can integrate with the wider GuardIAN Intelligence Network to visually show all personnel within the underground mine.

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