Biora Grow Chambers

Achieving precise research environments through control technologies.
Biora Grow Chambers.

Growth Chamber Solutions for the Biotechnology and Agricultural Research Industries

Biora Grow ChambersMineARC's Biora Grow Chambers biotechnology solution allows for the development, refinement and repetition of specific growth and testing conditions. Our successful capabilities in creating controlled environments for industrial safety has allowed to design and develop reach-in and walk-in grow chambers that meet the specific needs of various industries.

Designed specifically for plant science and agricultural biotechnology, MineARC's Biora Grow Chambers provide maximum flexibility to meet changing research or production necessities; allowing for clients to have control over every part of the design, manufacture, growing and testing process.

Research applications that MineARC can cater to include plant growth and germination, tissue culture sampling, cannabis, entomology, incubation and algae.

Biora Walk-In and Reach-In Grow Chambers

Biora Grow Chambers provide the control and repeatability needed to efficiently sustain precise conditions, maximise production capabilities, product quality and security while conserving water and energy use. Enclosed within a modular and highly portable, durable shell, Biora Reach-In Grow Chamber is available in a multi-tier or single-tier product and Biora Walk-In Controlled Environment Rooms are equipped with easily removable and height adjustable shelves, as well as custom and flexible growth areas and chamber dimensions.

Biora Chambers have the capacity for environmental chemistry correction, temperature control over a vast range, humidity control, gas monitoring and management as well as wind speed and air flow control. Security and real-time monitoring are provided by the GuardIAN Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics System. Other optional additions include Vacuum and Positive Pressure Control Systems and Misting and Irrigation Systems.

All componentry is designed, manufactured, installed, commissioned and serviced by MineARC Systems.

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Grow Chambers Internal Atmosphere Control

As specialists in the field of controlled environments, MineARC's Biora Chambers are fully equipped with a range of technology designed to control the internal atmosphere to desired specifications. This ensures that the Biroa growth environment is continually monitored to deliver an optimal growth chamber environment.

MineARC's own Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring System monitors Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide levels, with additional gas monitoring available including Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen. MineARC's scrubbing technology can also be used to reduce Carbon Dioxide levels within the chamber.

Multiple refrigeration and heating options are available, including a temperature range of -3°C to 43°C and ambient humidity to 75%. Variable speed fans, ducted ventilation systems and internal air mixing are also possible.

Growth Room Lighting Control

LED grow lights for Biora Grow Chambers

MineARC offers the ability to reproduce natural light with LED plant light intensities from 0 – 2600 µmol m-2 s-1. Controllable lighting options include changeable LED light canopies and dimmable lighting options; available with customisable intensities and spectrums for daytime and seasonal replication.

Canopies operate autonomously to a programmed daily, monthly, seasonal or annual cycle and they can operate standalone or in groups.

Remote Monitoring and Security for Safer Research Practices

Biora Guardian integrated control system Security and real-time grow chamber monitoring is achieved through MineARC's GuardIAN Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics System. GuardIAN provides users with a secure, locally hosted control portal which is accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone with minimal set-up.

The GuardIAN integrated control system enables remote monitoring, data logging, alarms and push notifications (email and text message) via Ethernet and/or WiFi, and can also be accessed by a user-friendly touchscreen HMI Control Panel on the face of the growing chamber.

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What is a Controlled Environment?

A controlled environment is an enclosed area with specific parameters regulated, including temperature, pressure, light, airflow and segregation.


Telstra Business Award Dual Winners 2018

MineARC Systems announced as the 2018 Telstra Western Australian Business of the Year and winner of the Medium & Making Waves Category Award.


Uninterruptible Power Supply: Satellite UPS

Every refuge chamber requires an emergency power source to maintain the life-sustaining equipment if mains power fails.

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