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Safety in Indonesian Mining as Freeport Indonesia (Grasberg) upgrades all existing underground chambers to MineARC Series IV Refuge Systems.
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Safety in Indonesian Mining as Freeport Indonesia ramps up safety at Grasberg Operations

Safety is fundamental to Freeport McMoran; its philosophy of safe production demonstrated by the integration of safety practices in all aspects of their operational activities.

The Freeport Indonesia Grasberg Minerals District has seen ongoing exploration and provides opportunities for long-term development.

Freeport continues to refine its OH&S initiatives globally. The Grasberg site is placing a large emphasis on improving the underground mine refuge facilities; including a recent collaboration with MineARC Systems that saw the commissioning of a 200 person Permanent Refuge Bay in their DMLZ mine.

Over the next few years, Freeport Indonesia (Grasberg) plan to upgrade all existing underground chambers to MineARC Series IV Refuge Systems. Series IV is the latest and most advanced in safe-refuge technology. Similar upgrades have been arranged for all above ground training chambers, allowing on-site Safety Managers to conduct more comprehensive training sessions.

MineARC digital gas monitors are already being implemented across the board, in order to provide better air testing capabilities during an emergency situation.

MineARC has and will continue to play a critical role through its partnership with Freeport Indonesia regarding Grasberg’s ongoing safety initiative; providing operational training to personnel both on-site and at MineARC Headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, as well as conducting regular servicing and audits of all PTFI chambers.

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