Extra Low Voltage Portable Refuge Integral to Safety in Hard Rock Mining

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Extra Low Voltage Portable refuge is designed specifically for tight mining confines...
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Extra Low Voltage Portable refuge chambers (ELVP) have been an integral safety solution to the limited space of Somincor’s Neves Corvo Mine.

Somincor, owned by Lundin Mining, operates the Neves Corvo copper mine in Southern Portugal, near Castro Verde. Somincor took receipt of two new, MineARC 6 person, blast-resistant ELVP units last year. Following the installation of one of the units, near the operating face underground, they sent us the below photos.

Somincor has long been a valued customer of MineARC and was the first mining operation in Europe to integrate ELVP blast resistant units into their Mine Safety Strategy. They also operate five 20 person HRM chambers and two 12 person HRM chambers.

MineARC System’s Compact Design is designed specifically for tight mining confines, such as single-entry development headings. This small, compact, ultra-portable refuge chamber is easy to manoeuvre and position around the site. The chamber is also designed for autonomous use. The chamber’s ‘extra-low voltage control system means it is ideal for use as a stand-alone setting where it may need to be left for extended periods without connection to mains (mine) power (up to 8 weeks).

Standard configurations are based on 4, 6 and 8 person occupancies, with a range of optional features. However HRM-ELVP dimensions and rated occupancy can be custom-engineered to site specifications, without compromising on safety or performance.

The HRM-ELVP refuge chamber can be taken virtually anywhere, anytime; providing personnel with a safe-refuge alternative, in every part of the mine.

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