Refuge Chamber Service Training Reaches Africa

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MineARC South Africa delivers free refuge chamber service training across Africa
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MineARC is excited to announce that Service School is now available to clients across Africa!

We invite you to attend one of our FREE one-day courses, held at our manufacturing facility in Johannesburg, South Africa. Once you have completed the course, you will be officially certified to conduct your chamber servicing for 24 months, removing the need for regular MineARC service visits.

Benefits of attending MineARC Refuge Chamber Service School:

  • Become MineARC certified in refuge chamber servicing for the next two years
  • Brush up on your refuge bay knowledge
  • Learn about any chamber upgrades that may have become available throughout the year
  • Quiz our highly trained technicians with any questions you may have

What you will learn on the day:

  • The importance of regular and certified refuge chamber servicing
  • The critical role door seals and check valves play in maintaining adequate positive pressure, and the correct procedure for replacement
  • Testing the battery bank to ensure all individual batteries are holding the correct charge
  • Calibrating both a digital and manual gas monitor
  • Servicing the Compressed Air Management System
  • Performing system diagnostics on a Series IV and ELVP scrubber controllers

We limit our training sessions to small groups to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be hands-on in the workshop. For larger groups, we are happy to organise on-site training.

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