Self-Contained Self-Rescuer - DEZEGA CARBO-70

The DEZEGA CARBO-70  is a portable waist-worn self-contained self-rescuer (SCSR) that is used for escape from irrespirable atmospheres, particularly over long-haul routes.

This self-rescuer grants 70 minutes of comfortable breathing conditions, in accordance with GOST standards. Housed in a compact and ergonomic unit, the starter is activated as soon as the device is opened, immediately dispensing oxygen.


The DEZEGA CARBO-70 SCSR is a closed-circuit breathing apparatus, ensuring the user does not inhale outside gases after donning. The device provides the user with both an oxygen source and a carbon dioxide neutraliser (scrubber).

Chemically bound oxygen reacts with the carbon dioxide exhaled by the user; ultimately absorbing the CO2 and and allowing breathable air to circulate within the device.

The CARBO-70 self-contained self-rescuer features an automatic starter, in which oxygen generation begins automatically when the device is opened.