DEZEGA Training Kit

Behaviour in an emergency is difficult to predict. Human instincts are sometimes counter-intuitive. The best way to maximise the chance of survival is training personnel in how to don and breathe in a self-rescuer in order to develop learned behaviour.

This is where the Training Kit comes in. The DEZEGA Training Kit is a 15 min breathing apparatus that is used in conjunction with Dezega Trainer C. The Training Kit is assembled with an air system that is mainly used for simulating a real SCSR.

Dezega Training Kit
Dezega Training Kit


– Exactly replicates the particularities of donning and breathing in any DEZEGA SCSR, including the simulation of:

  • humidity
  • temperature
  • breathing resistance
  • CO2 and O2 concentration

– 15 minutes operating time
– Sealed in foil packaging for preservation
– 5-year shelf life when kept sealed
– Donning can be practised using the Trainer C which is sold separately


The DEZEGA Training Kit has been tested in accordance with the Technical Reference Guide ‘Escape Breathing Apparatus for Underground Mining Applications‘ by the Mine Safety Technology Centre of New South Wales.

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