SCSR Storage Rack - DEZEGA

The SCSR Storage Rack for DEZEGA has been designed to house up to 84 self-rescuers; providing sites with a robust yet portable option when it comes to managing this critical safety device.

The storage rack is compatible with the Ci-30KS, CARBO-60 and CARBO-70 devices.

SCSR storage rack_DEZEGA self-rescuers

Constructed from hard-wearing powder coated steel, and featuring a unique sheltered design, the DEZEGA Storage Rack keeps self-rescuers protected even in outdoor, undercover areas; providing a convenient and space saving solution for many sites.

The rack comes with an optional RFID reader, allowing personnel to pair their self-rescuer to their ID number and digitally tag on for the day.

  • Fits up to 84 self-contained self-rescuers
  • Assign SCSRs to personnel with optional RFID reader
  • Hard-wearing, powder coated steel frame
  • 2mW x 2.25mH x 1mD

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