The DEZEGA CARBO 30  is a portable SCSR (self-contained self-rescuer) designed for everyday carry and short evacuations. 

Quickly proving itself as a leading self-rescuer on the market, this European and Australian certified unit has been designed with user working conditions in mind. Great attention has been paid to ergonomic factors, with the device able to be worn on the shoulder, on the waist or in a pouch. In addition, the CARBO 30 is the lightest 30 minute self-rescuer in the DEZEGA range. 

The hip-shaped ergonomic design allows for maximum comfort while wearing the device for extended periods of time. Why not offer your personnel this safety redundancy? 

The DEZEGA CARBO 30 is a closed-circuit 30 minute breathing apparatus, designed for everyday carry or in storage at changeover stations along escape routes. The self-rescuer can be worn on the waist with or without a pouch or with shoulder straps. In case of an emergency, the total donning time for the CARBO 30 is just 15 seconds.

The starter activates automatically once the self-rescuer lock lever is opened. Oxygen fills the breathing bag and allows the user to begin breathing in the first few seconds after activation.

Exhaled gas passes through the mouthpiece, heat & moisture exchanger and breathing tube into the regenerative cartridge. Here, the exhaled gas is purified from carbon dioxide and enriched with oxygen before moving into the breathing bag. Once the bag is completely filled, any extra gas is released via the relief valve.

  • 30-minute minimum duration
  • EN 13794:2002 and AS/NZS 1716:2012 certified
  • Local stock availability
  • Compact design at 2.4kg weight
  • Cooling fan and finned after cooler
  • Low heat capacity of the inhaled gas 
  • Automatic, immediate starter device
  • 10 year shelf life
  • Comfortable for daily wear
  • Balanced weight distribution

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