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A new development in refuge chamber technology, GuardIAN Remote Monitoring System, give Lundin Mining's Eagle Mine...
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The long-standing relationship between Lundin Mining’s Eagle Mine and MineARC Systems has strengthened over the last five years. Scott Sweatt, MineARC’s North American Sales Representative, recently had the opportunity to introduce Andy Vaughn, Health & Safety Supervisor for Eagle Mine, to MineARC’s new development in refuge chamber technology, including:

Monitoring Refuge Chambers Remotely 

One of the main focuses at Eagle Mine in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan State is to bring the nickel and copper mine up to date with the latest modern technology, capable of monitoring all vital refuge operating systems from the surface. Lundin Mining is confident that GuardIAN RCM’s capacity for real-time monitoring and diagnostics will provide them with the assurance that their fleet of refuge chambers at Eagle Mine are emergency ready at all times. GuardIAN RCM is currently installed on two of the eight underground MineARC MineSAFE Refuge Chambers at the mine site, and Lundin is considering upgrading the remaining chambers.

More Efficient Compressed Air Usage 

Also of interest to Eagle Mine was MineARC’s CAMS. Currently installed on five chambers, CAMS will provide significant operational cost savings by offering security against over-pressurisation, optimising mine air usage, and minimising the site’s compressors’ overall impact. The intuitive system is fitted with an air toxicity monitor and emergency shut off valve, which will isolate compressed air should the airline become contaminated. A flood protection valve will also automatically shut off air in the event of water ingress. Eagle Mine is in the process of training personnel on how CAMS works and its operation during emergencies. The mine already has trained, certified personnel who complete scheduled service checks every four months on all refuge chambers. In addition, CAMS will allow for faster servicing times due to its unique quick-release bayonet clipping system, eliminating the need for screw-in filter elements and housings.

MineARC looks forward to further assisting Lundin Mining’s Eagle Mine operation and safety requirements.

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