Improving Hygiene In Queensland Coal Mines

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Coal Spec EnviroLAV's are intrinsically safe, fit for coal mining to support hygiene and health management underground.
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An underground coal mine in Queensland, Australia, has recently purchased four MineARC Coal Spec EnviroLAV Toilets. The mine site, currently in expansion, traditionally had limited toilet facilities underground and saw the advanced waste management system’s advantages to improve onsite hygiene and overall productivity.

Each MineARC Coal Spec EnviroLAV is designed to be intrinsically safe for coal mining applications; featuring a pneumatic operating system that requires a connection to compressed air.

The units were fitted with the Queensland Development Code (QDC) approved attachments to suit the mine’s requirements. The standard 1.7m2 footprint and 2.28m height are convenient for the low seam coal mine environment, so too is the solid steel, corrosion-resistant and highly portable structure.

The client was impressed by the simplicity in operation and maintenance of the self-contained and environmentally friendly toilet system and the ability to offer complete privacy to on-site personnel. Another advantage of the system is the integrated small biological waste treatment tank which requires emptying just once every 12 months, based on standard usage.

Shortly after receiving the units, a MineARC representative attended the mine site to ensure full commissioning and training. Time was spent making sure the client was skilled in the toilets’ operational features and service requirements; ensuring that the client’s new assets were rolled out optimally and ready for use.

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