MineARC Systems has made inroads into new territory, with the recent commissioning of our very first chambers into India. Built for Hindustan Zinc Limited, the world’s second-largest zinc producer, the refuge chambers will be based at their Rampura Agucha mine, located in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan. As part of Hindustan Zinc’s broader Emergency Response Plan (ERP), MineARC has manufactured four ELVP 6-man chambers for the site. Each extra-low voltage, portable unit was engineered to include several optional features to increase performance and efficiency, such as:

  • An IT Hitch for more accessible transportation
  • blast resistance package for reinforced construction, and
  • A 1000V – 240V step down transformer

MineARC offers a significant range of optional features that can be added to the ELVP. In addition to the custom integrations that Hindustan Zinc required, MineARC can also provide:

While new to the scene in India, MineARC Chambers are widely used across South East Asia and the Middle East. Increased awareness of safe mining practices across the region has seen attitudes towards health and safety shift, with a more significant emphasis placed upon safe refuge options for underground miners.

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