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Environmental monitoring is a critical aspect of underground safety; technology has evolved to developed integrated digital gas monitoring...
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Environmental monitoring is a critical aspect of underground safety. Technology has evolved to developed integrated digital gas monitoring for underground worksites to include in-chamber and site-wide fixed gas monitoring and handheld devices.

Read on to learn more about the various high-quality gas detection options available; all engineered and manufactured in Australia and sold and supported locally through MineARC’s branches.

Underground Digital Gas Monitoring Range

Handheld Environmental Digital Gas Monitoring

Real-time gas detection is now at your fingertips with the new Aura-PT Handheld Gas Monitor. Detect up to six gases and live data streaming via the GuardIAN Intelligence Network.

  • Available in 2- and 4- gas models (6-gas coming soon)
  • Visual and vibration alerts
  • UWB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options for live data transfer
  • A clear, digital interface
  • Wide range of gas sensors available
Handheld Digital Gas Monitoring, Real-time gas detection is now at your fingertips with the new Aura-PT Handheld Gas Monitor.

Underground Node DGM Networks

Monitor the underground environment from the surface via GuardIAN Gas Monitoring Nodes with Aura technology, providing instant alerts when dangerous conditions are detected.

  • Visual alerts
  • Connects to the GuardIAN Network
  • A clear, digital interface
  • Wide range of gas sensors available
  • Wall-mountable, rugged design
Underground Node DGM Networks, GuardIAN Gas Monitoring Nodes , Digital Gas Monitoring

External Gas Monitoring for Refuge Chambers

Monitor gas levels in the immediate surrounds of the refuge chamber with an external gas node.

Gas readings can be viewed clearly through the GuardIAN dashboard via a secure local webpage. Thus, allowing users to conduct risk assessments and gain insights into environmental conditions to reduce unnecessary exposure.

  • Clear digital interface
  • Multiple gas options, up to six
  • Visual alerts
  • Temperature monitoring
External gas monitoring for refuge chambers and emergency shelters

Digital Gas Monitoring in Refuge Chambers

Take the guesswork out of interpreting gas levels within a refuge chamber with the Aura-FX Fixed Gas Monitor. Aura-FX features automated environment readings, a digital HMI, and voice prompts.

  • Real-time gas monitoring with live analysis
  • Intuitive scrolling digital display shows gas level trends
  • Audible alarm and voice prompts aid management of procedures
  • Ethernet connectivity allows remote monitoring over the network
  • Secure, anti-theft in-built design
  • Reduced risk of human error
aura-fx rack mount digital gas monitor _web, Digital Gas Monitoring in Refuge Chambers

Expanding Safety R&D

In recent times, MineARC has launched a range of innovative products beyond sheltering underground personnel in an emergency. But also facilitate navigation to the refuge chamber and ERT rescue endeavours. Some of these latest products include self-contained self-rescuersremote chamber monitoring, and personal tracking.

MineARC’s head office in Australia is home to a growing manufacturing facility. They build everything from their extensive range of capital equipment down to their latest electronic equipment, including PCBs. The Aura-PT is no exception and has undergone extensive engineering, testing and trials; both at their facility and various mine sites worldwide.

Wearable Gas Monitoring for Underground Environments

The Aura-PT (portable) digital gas monitor, designed and manufactured in Western Australia, provides personnel with the ability to monitor atmospheric conditions within their immediate surroundings actively. It is available in two, four and six gas models. The unit utilises the same innovative environmental monitoring technology in the Aura-FX (fixed) gas monitor, a standard feature of their refuge chambers for some years.

MineARC has designed the Aura-PT with underground mining and heavy industry applications in mind; resulting in a robust unit with a rubberised casing that will stand up to any test.

An extensive range of gas sensors are available to choose from – ranging from the standard oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, to more specialty sensors such as ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulphide and chlorine. A user-friendly HMI and both visual and vibration alerts make the device simple to operate and reduce any risk of human error when interpreting gas readings.

Real-Time DGM Data Transfer

The Aura-PT’ s most unique feature is its ability to offer remote data reporting. Information is transferred through MineARC’s own GuardIAN Intelligence Network or via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Integration with GuardIAN is made possible with the standard inclusion of a UWB chip. This component enables data transfer between the Aura-PT and the central dashboard via MineARC’s Node network (should they be installed on-site). With this set-up, clients can benefit from site-wide gas monitoring and alerts via the Aura-PT and a series of low-cost tracking nodes.

Environmental Gas Monitoring for Re-entry

The Aura-PT gas detector is also useful as a redundancy during re-entry. Personnel can quickly and more accurately monitor gas levels as they are driving back down the decline.

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