Compact Mine Toilet Provides Space Saving Solution

The EnviroLAV is proving popular in Africa, with the latest sales of two Compact Design units. These mine toilets are going to Wesizwe Platinum for use at their new Bakubung Platinum Mine (BPM).

Located near Pilansberg in the North West Province of South Africa, the BPM is expected to produce 420,000 ounces of platinum metals per year. Currently, in the development phase, the project will comprise an underground mine with a twin vertical shaft system (main shaft and a ventilation shaft which will also function as the second escape route) and a process plant.

The Compact EnviroLAV is becoming an increasingly popular option for both above and below ground sites. Its small footprint is less than 1.5m2, and the portable design is perfect for sites where space is a limiting factor. The toilet features a 600 Litre waste tank and fold-away steps for further maximisation of space.

The compact underground mine toilet offers many of the same benefits as the standard design, including:

Compact Mine Toilet: EnviroLAV
  • Pneumatic or electric operation
  • Solid steel, corrosion-resistant structure
  • Eco-friendly enzymes
  • Durable 10+ year life cycle
  • 12-month emptying cycle based on 15 uses/day

The system utilises two different organic waste management technologies to accelerate the breakdown process with every flush. Firstly, using MineARC’s unique, non-toxic EnviroZYME enzyme solution to break down matter anaerobically.

Secondly, combined with compressed air driven aerobic effects. Using both, waste is broken down into microscopic carbonaceous particles that are then evaporated through the toilet’s venting system.

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