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First Portable Underground First Aid Station

Portable Underground First Aid Station
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The MediSAFE is a robust, self-contained structure designed to provide the necessary tools and a sterile safe working environment for first aid treatment.
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The MediSAFE is a robust, self-contained structure designed to provide the necessary tools and a sterile safe working environment for first aid treatment. The station removes the risk involved in delivering injured personnel to the surface or over long distances to a sick bay to deliver simple first aid treatment and initial triage assessment.

The latest addition to MineARC’s product range is simple and effective. Identifying an opportunity for improvement in the industry, MineARC Systems has developed the first portable, freestanding first aid station designed specifically for application in the underground mining industry.

MediSAFE MineARC's First Portable Underground First Aid Station

As leaders in the field of emergency refuge and industrial safety, MineARC Systems has always placed a strong emphasis on research and development. Our Innovation Committee consists of qualified engineers and R&D advocates who continually work to identify niche issues and obstacles within the industry; developing unique solutions that help clients improve safety, reduce costs and make operations simpler.

Like all heavy industry in Australia, the underground mining industry has a reputation for risk and injury; however, it has taken great strides toward proactive avoidance of risk and harm. Occupational Health and Safety has become a key focus and a government mandated requirement for all mining operations across the country

Safe Work Australia’s ‘First Aid in the Workplace’ requires high-risk workplaces with 100 or more workers to provide adequate on-site first aid facilities and a dedicated medically trained first aid officer.

Generally speaking, these facilities and personnel are located on the surface or in permanent underground sick bays which are built into the mine. As a result, the process of administering basic first aid to personnel can prove to be inefficient, with time-consuming travel to the surface or around the mine involved.

Seeking to provide a more flexible solution to first aid, MineARC has developed Australia’s very first portable medical station designed specifically for the underground mining environment – the MediSAFE First Aid Station. Boasting many of the iconic features of a MineARC chamber, the MediSAFE carries MineARC's reputation for seamless design, innovative engineering and fail-safe functionality into on-site medical services.

The MediSAFE features a solid 3mm steel construction with insulated walls and air-conditioning and is delivered with a comprehensive fit-out tailored for first aid applications. The interior is divided into two sections – a front seated area for personnel to await treatment, and a rear screened examination area, featuring a medical-grade gurney and oxygen cylinders, refrigerated storage facilities, and eye-wash station and ablutions. Shower facilities and an additional eyewash station are located in an external annex at the front of the chamber.

To further combat the harsh environment of underground mining, MineARC offers additional options such as a fully pressurised airlock, UPS battery backup and remote camera monitoring. Sites can also request a full upgrade to all medical equipment, including an electric blood pressure station, stainless steel dressing trolley, and premium examination bed.

The MediSAFE can reduce risk to injured personnel by allowing their injuries to be assessed and treated faster and more efficiently in a hygienic and safe environment. The MediSAFE can also reduce the operational costs of delivering injured personnel to the surface or to a permanent first aid room that could be several hundred metres away for assessment.

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