First Aid Station – MediSAFE

The MediSAFE First Aid Station is the only portable first aid station specifically engineered for use in an underground mining environment. The station is designed to allow for emergency medical treatment and evaluation.

With all the standard MineARC features, the MediSAFE carries MineARC’s reputation for seamless design, innovative engineering and fail-safe functionality into site medical services.

First Aid Station – Front View​

Safety and operational signage in reflective stickering for high visibility underground. Translation into a second language available.

The skid base provides ease of mavoeuvrability, featuring 250 x 100mm forklift slots, front and rear mounted tow points and front mounted 25mm steel plate push blocks.

12mm porthole viewing window, compliant with Australian Standard 2208. Blast shield protection available upon request.

Outward opening double doors ensuring an hygienic, sealed internal environment from dirt and dust.

First Aid Station – Interior View​

8watt fluorescent interior lighting is featured within the chamber.

R410a refrigerant cooling air conditioning system.

Medical grade oxygen cylinders to be provided by end user.

Emergency eye wash station Featured both internally and externally.

Screened, plumbed toilet facilities.

Medical grade gurney for patient care meets Safe Work Australia standards.

MineARC seating is ergonomically designed to provide suitable comfort. Made from durable, hard wearing fabric, the seating provides 500mm of space per person.

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