Two Rivers Platinum Focus On Mine Safety In Africa

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Two Rivers Platinum focus on mine safety in Africa, with the installation of Hard Rock Mine Refuge Chambers, designed to shelter 26 people in an emergency.
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Two Rivers Platinum Select MineARC as Major Safety Provider.

MineARC is proud of our relationships with many major mine corporations across Africa, building the focus on mine safety in Africa. One of our latest projects was the manufacture of two Hard Rock Mine Series IV Refuge Chambers, each designed to shelter 26 people in an emergency.

The HRM26’s were commissioned by Two Rivers Platinum, located near the town of Steelport in Mpumalanga, on the Eastern Limb of the Bushveld Complex. The underground mine operation consists of the Main Decline, North Decline and Concentrator Plant.

Two Rivers Platinum are dedicated to maintaining the highest safety standards across the site, ensuring they are compliant with industry requirements and legislation.

‘Two Rivers Platinum chose to implement refuge chambers at our mine site, based on legislative requirements as specified in ‘MHSA 29(1996) Outlets, Ladder ways and Travelling Ways’, said Lourie van Wyk, VOHE Manager.

‘In light of the high-risk area identified at the bottom of the shaft, where only one exit is present, it was recommended that we install a mobile refuge chamber that is life sustainable and that can be moved forward as production progresses through the mine.’

The HRM Series IV Refuge Chamber is recognised as MineARC’s flagship system. It is considered the world’s most trusted chamber in metal and non-metal mines, complying in full with recognised world’s best practice legislation.

The chamber is available in multiple standard sizing configurations, designed to shelter anywhere up to 30 personnel at one time. It can also be customised to include additional safety features such as blast and fire resistance or an external misting system for heat suppression.

Two Rivers chose MineARC’s Series IV Chambers due to their local manufacture and industry recognition. ‘We selected MineARC as our refuge chamber manufacturer based on a comparison between various suppliers in the market’, said Lourie. ‘The overall capacity and features of their chambers were superior to their competitors, and their locality, service and spare parts availability made them hard to match.’

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