Training Strengthens Mining Safety in Mongolia

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On-site MineSAFE Training Refuge Chambers provided insight to Oyu Tolgoi underground mining on-site teams.
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With underground construction work intensifying, Oyu Tolgoi sought to improve training to strengthen safety and processes by purchasing a MineARC Training Chamber.

MineARC visited the Oyu Tolgoi Mine to commission a MineSAFE Training Refuge Chamber and provided training to the site team. Oyu Tolgoi is a copper-gold mine in the South Gobi region of Mongolia, approximately 550 kilometres south of the capital Ulaanbaatar. It holds one of the largest undeveloped high-grade copper deposits globally, and they use both underground and open-pit mining techniques.

MineARC has supplied the underground mine with a range of MineSAFE Refuge Chambers since the underground works began, with the first unit – a Standard Design model – commissioned in 2007.

In March 2016, Brian Finlay, Senior Manager Training of Oyu Tolgoi, contacted MineARC to inquire about a chamber situated above ground and used specifically for induction and training purposes. After discussions with Davy Li, Business Development Manager China, and Brian’s visit to MineARC’s Perth manufacturing facilities, Oyu Tolgoi decided to purchase one of MineARC’s new MineSAFE Training Chambers.

The training chamber was delivered a short while later. In early November 2016, Davy Li and Brad Whittaker (Service and After Sales Manager) travelled to Oyu Tolgoi to both commissions the chamber. They provided training to the OT team, so they could then train their personnel as required.

The MineSAFE Training Refuge Chamber features a Series IV scrubbing system, CAMS (Compressed Air Management System), bilingual signage and photographic operating manual (English and Mongolian) and four seats. The unique design provides easy access and viewing of the key life support features of a MineSAFE Refuge Chamber.

The benefits to the mine site, amongst others, include:

  • Improve training effectiveness through practical reinforcement.
  • Undertake practical training without disrupting underground operations.
  • Life support systems are replicated like-for-like (for Series IV models).

The training involved how to operate the refuge chamber and more in-depth information and knowledge on some of the key concepts and principles of an emergency safe refuge chamber. Using the newly commissioned training chamber, a strong practical focus was applied, allowing attendees to be hands-on and visually relate to the theoretical concepts.

The trainers themselves were very eager to learn and showed great competency by the end of the sessions. Oyu Tolgoi is a world-class mine and has comprehensive training programs that enhance worker safety and safety culture. MineARC is pleased to play a small but important role in striving for this objective and will continue to contribute where we can.

The training chamber can receive upgrades, and MineARC will install the Aura-FX Digital Fixed Gas Monitoring System shortly.

Training Strengthens Mining Safety in Mongolia Underground refuge chamber training

On behalf of MineARC, Davy and Brad would like to give their thanks to Brian Finlay, Brett Johnsen, Bayarmagnai Amar and the entire Training Department at Oyu Tolgoi for their support and assistance.

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