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Can’t I Just Use a Mask in Chemical or Smoke Emergencies

Masks are great, to a certain extent. In the context of an emergency, they can assist you in moving from a dangerous situation into safety. For example, suppose you’re not in the vicinity of a shelter or safe haven. In that case, a mask can enable you to get to cover safely by providing you

What is a Refuge Chamber?

A refuge chamber, also known as refuge station, is a sealed environment, built to sustain life during an emergency or hazardous situation.

Monitoring Gas Levels In Tunnelling

Monitoring gas levels in tunnelling and underground construction is crucial to providing a safe work environment. How can this be done safely and effectively?

Gas Monitors For A Tunnelling Refuge Chamber

Gas monitors for a tunnelling refuge chamber allows occupants to measure levels in and outside of a chamber and taking corrective action to maintain a safe environment.

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