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Heliospectra Announces a New Reseller – MineARC Systems to Supply Next Level Light Control for Controlled Environments
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PRESS RELEASE: Heliospectra AB, a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments, announces a new reseller partnership with MineARC Systems, a global leader in manufacturing and supply of controlled environments, including biotechnology and agriculture applications. As a result, the company will represent Heliospectra’s market-leading LED lighting and light control solutions for controlled environments agriculture in the Australian market.

Heliospectra and MineARC Systems Partnership

MineARC’s plant growth and research-grade chambers allow growers and researchers to develop, refine, and repeat specific growth and testing conditions within the biotechnology, agriculture, and science fields.

“As a supplier of market-leading controlled environments systems, providing our customers with full control and flexibility that results in high-quality crops is a must, and Heliospectra’s product portfolio ensures that”, comments Brent Pearce, Chief Innovation Officer, MineARC Systems. “It allows our customers to create optimal light conditions adjusted to different plant varieties, crops, and regions, or manipulating light wavelengths to impact disease resistance, taste and nutrition”.

Heliospectra will supply MineARC with market-leading LED lighting solutions, including the controllable ELIXIA and high output optimized MITRA, advanced light control systems for light automation for high-quality crops, control, and output year-round.

“Our background as plant and light researchers, combined with years of experience catering to the Research and AgTech industry we understand the need for reliable products, full control and flexibility, says Scott Thornton, GM North America and VP of Sales at Heliospectra. “We look forward to partner with MineARC and expand our reach in the controlled environments market.” 



About MineARC Systems

MineARC Systems is a global leader in controlled environments, with manufacturing facilities in Perth Western – Australia, Dallas – Texas, and Johannesburg – South Africa. Their industrial reach-in and walk-in grow chambers meet the specific needs of various industries and customers, including life-saving refuge chambers for mining, petrochemical and tunnelling, and specialized custom grow chambers for biotechnology and agricultural applications. 

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About Heliospectra AB

Heliospectra AB was founded in 2006 in Sweden by plant scientists and biologists with one vision – to make crop production more intelligent and resource-efficient. Today, with customers across six continents, Heliospectra is the global leader in innovative horticulture lighting technology, custom light control systems and specialized services for greenhouse and controlled plant growth environments. Designed by growers for growers, Heliospectra builds customized LED lighting strategies and controls to automate production schedules, forecast yields and monitor crop health and performance with real-time data and response to deliver the light plants love and the consistent results growers need. 

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