Squat Pan Toilet Proving Successful In India

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The EnviroLAV Squat Pan toilet, a Western & Eastern combination-style configuration within the Dual EnviroLAV toilet.
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MineARC is pleased to report on yet another successful client trial of the increasingly popular EnviroLAV toilet system – this time at Hindustan Zinc’s Rampura Agucha Mine in Rajasthan, India. Hindustan Zinc is the first in the country to test the innovative waste management system.

In December 2015, MineARC Business Development Managers travelled to the Rampura Agucha site to commission four EnviroLAV toilet systems in the underground mine. Two electrically operated Standard EnviroLAV units were installed, along with two custom-designed Eastern-style squat toilets.

EnviroLAV Squat Pan Toilets

The EnviroLAV Squat Pan toilet can be ordered as an alternative to the Standard EnviroLAV or a Western & Eastern combination-style configuration within the Dual EnviroLAV toilet. It features a stainless steel pan and a simple foot-operated flush and wash system for improved hygiene. With every flush, 10ml of MineARC’s unique EnviroZYME solution is deposited into the waste tank, working simultaneously with the system’s aerobic technology to break down waste quickly.

An EnviroLAV Waste Transfer Tank was also sent to the site to be used in conjunction with the toilets. An optional addition to the EnviroLAV System, the waste transfer tank is a fully portable unit that allows for efficient waste removal, rendering relocation of the toilet obsolete. Utilising a gravity feed to transfer waste from the EnviroLAV to the waste transfer tank, the unit can hold up to 2000L, equivalent to two full standard EnviroLAVs. The transfer tank is expected to reduce further service and waste removal costs for the Rampura Agucha mine site.

Upon completing the trial period, Hindustan Zinc plans to order a range of EnviroLAV toilet systems for all of their underground sites across India.

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