Tracking Corded Cap Lamp - SiriUS-LUX L5

Tracking Corded Cap Lamps from the SiriUS-LUX range improve on-site safety by determining the current location of personnel or assets.

Pair each device with an ID number to monitor personnel throughout varied scenarios to support more efficient operations and emergency response. Location tags transmit the information as each device or person is scanned by receivers. Additionally, all location information can be recorded and viewable through the GuardIAN dashboard when using compatible tracking technology.

SiriUS-LUX L5 Corded Cap Lamps have been engineered to provide a flood light effect when in mixed beam mode, in addition to the premium features of the SiriUS-LUX Cap Lamp range.

Available in a distinctive orange casing, the SiriUS-LUX L5 Corded Cap Lamp offers up to 18 hours of illumination, offering dual beams for a variety of modes and functions; including spot, wide and mixed.

The cap lamp has the ability to emulate natural light and conserve power.

Tracking Options

All SiriUS-LUX Cap Lamps are supplied with an RFID Chip, allowing sites to utilise this wearable device as part of a greater tagging system. 

In addition, SiriUS-LUX Cap Lamps can be fitted with a number of different tracking technologies that allow for more accurate location tracking and can be easily integrating into existing site infrastructure. 


(Integrates with GuardIAN)








(Coming soon)

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