Semi-Corded Gas Monitoring Cap Lamp - SiriUS-LUX L3

The SiriUS-LUX L3 Semi-Corded Cap Lamp offers the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing between a corded and cordless cap lamp.

Too often, personnel are exposed to harmful gases (such as carbon monoxide) because proper early-warning systems are not made use of.
The latest feature of the SiriUS-LUX cap lamp now includes gas monitoring upgrades specifically with these types of emergency situations in mind.

With the new built-in gas monitoring options, the SiriUS-LUX combines the functionality of a hand-held gas monitor, with existing PPE requirements in the form of a cap lamp.

With it’s unique battery design, the SiriUS-LUX allows for gas tracking to take place without compromising the overall duration of the lamp – a minimum of 12-hours.

While gas monitoring is implemented, the SiriUS-LUX makes use of various tiered alarm systems to notify the wearer of any harmful gases that may disperse in the immediate environment. 

Alarm Sequencing

The SiriUS-LUX provides three different alarm types to ensure that at least one sensory response is triggered; including:

  • Audible alarm
  • Vibration
  • Visual flashing

All alarms will increase in frequency depending on the gas level and resulting danger within the area.

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