Norwegian Tunnelling Rescue Container
– TunnelSAFE Nordic Design

As an emergency refuge chamber matched to region-specific requirements, the Norwegian Tunnelling Rescue Container features eye-catching yellow paintwork with reflective strips, reinforced skid and rear blast shield.

The Norwegian Tunnelling Rescue Container – TunnelSAFE Nordic Design is a custom chamber designed to meet rescue container regulations for safe refuge, as outlined by the Norwegian Tunnelling Society (NFF) in the Norwegian Tunnelling Handbook.

Nordic_Tunnelling_Chamber_Norway_ Tunnel_ Specifications

Norwegian Tunnelling Rescue Container – Virtual Tour

Nordic Chamber – Front View

The ‘face’ of the TunnelSAFE Nordic Design is designed primarily for easy identification and quick access during an emergency. The strobe lighting, warning siren, bright yellow exterior and wide-band reflective signage alert passers-by to the chamber’s location, whilst the rotating door handles provide simple, straight forward access to the safety of the interior. 

Nordic Chamber – Side View

The robust skid base of the TunnelSAFE Nordic Design is constructed from high-strength steel (Bisalloy), allowing the chamber to withstand frequent movement. The skid base is formed by strong, abrasion-resistant, quenched and tempered steel plate.  Forklift slots (250 x 100mm) and front mounted 25mm steel plate push blocks aid chamber positioning.

A side escape hatch is inward opening and is accessible internally and externally.

Nordic Chamber – Interior View

Inside a TunnelSAFE Nordic Design Refuge Chamber, a number of vital life-support systems combine to create a safe, ongoing environment for occupants. Systems include; primary and secondary air (oxygen) supplies, air conditioning systems, positive pressure systems, electrical systems, gas detection and a chemical scrubbing system.

The TunnelSAFE Nordic Design uses active chemicals and MineARC’s ELV (extra-low-voltage) Scrubbing System to ‘scrub’ the build up of harmful CO2 (carbon dioxide) and CO (carbon monoxide) from the air inside the refuge chamber.

The chamber includes an electrical outlet (power socket).

Nordic Chamber – Rear View

A blast shield at the rear of the TunnelSAFE Nordic Design safely houses the refuge chamber’s UPS battery back up (Uninterruptible Power Supply). The UPS is a fail-safe system that can power the refuge chamber’s internal life support systems for a minimum of 24hrs, should mine power become cut-off.

Comparison Table

Name Capacity * ITA/BS EN Compliance ** Aura-FX Gas monitoring CAMS Gantry Mobile Portable 24hrs Battery Backup
TunnelSAFE Standard Design 8-20
TunnelSAFE Crescent Design 10-24
TunnelSAFE MSV Design 10-24
TunnelSAFE Gantry Design 10-24
TunnelSAFE Narrow Design 12-24
TunnelSAFE Rail Design 10-24
TunnelSAFE Slim Line 12-24
  • * Capacity Every refuge chamber is built with a certain rated occupancy in mind. The life support systems are designed to safely house this number of people for the designated duration.
  • ** ITA/BS EN Compliance MineARC’s TunnelSAFE Refuge Chambers can be built to comply with British Standard (BS EN 16191:2014) Safety Requirements for Tunnelling Machinery and the ITA’s “Guidelines for the Provision of Refuge Chambers Under Construction".

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