Mining Community Provides Aid Following Earthquake

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XV National Mine Rescue Competition finalists cancel contest to provide aid following Mexico City earthquake.
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XV National Mine Rescue Competition finalists cancel the contest to provide aid following the Mexico City earthquake.

This past September 19, 2017, the appointed judges from CAMIMEX held a meeting in San Luis Potosí, México, to discuss the events taking place during the upcoming XV National Mine Rescue Competition scheduled for September 20 to 22.

There were 17 national teams and 1 international team registered to participate in the underground mine rescue competition. The 17 teams were selected from the regional mine rescue competitions in the North, Mid and South regions of Mexico during 2016 and 2017. That same day at approximately 13:15 (1:15 pm), the National Seismological Service (SSN) reported a 7.1 magnitude earthquake between Puebla and Morelos, 120 km from México City. The earthquake severely affected the centre of the country.

The CAMIMEX Safety Committee promptly made the decision to cancel the National Mine Rescue Competition and respond to the call for collaboration made by the Mexico City government.

A few hours later, the committee delivered the following communications to the mining community:



I am writing in hope of support. As you know, yesterday an earthquake took place in México City, which has caused devastating damages: buildings and schools collapsed with people (children) still trapped, damaging structures which are still considered high-risk areas.

As a mining guild, we have the resources, equipment and experience in the removal of materials. The efforts of rescuing survivors will continue for a period of 48 hrs. The rescue teams that would have participated in the competition will travel to Mexico City and provide support in the disaster.

In this regard, I would like to make a call of unity. For the people who can and have the means within its mining companies and suppliers, we urge you to support us with heavy machinery, power generators, lamps, specialized equipment, etc. We are in communication with the C5 of CDMX so we can coordinate the aid of any machinery or specialized services.”

In an example of true community spirit, the call for help was answered. Citizens arrived in trucks and on bicycles with the offer to provide further assistance to the rescue teams and the military who were supporting the population under the DNIII Plan activated the day before by President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Thus far, the earthquake has resulted in 305 deaths – a number that continues to rise every day. According to Air Worldwide, there is an estimated US $2,560 million in damages.

MineARC stands in solidarity with the Mexican community during this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire nation.

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