INVISTA Improves On-Site Safety with ChemSAFE Safe Haven

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With a strong emphasis on its employees' health and safety, INVISTA improves emergency safety with an on-site chemical Safe Haven.
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INVISTA’s guiding principles place a strong emphasis on their employees’ health and safety, with a commitment to integrate OH&S concerns into all business and operational planning and decision-making. Part of the companies commitment to OH&S was to improve on-site safety with ChemSAFE Safe Haven.

MineARC is fortunate to have recently had the opportunity to work alongside INVISTA, the world’s largest integrated fibre, resin and intermediates company. A subsidiary of privately owned Koch Industries, Inc., INVISTA operates in more than 20 countries across North America, South America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

MineARC travelled to one of INVISTA’s 21 US facilities, located in La Porte, Texas, to complete the installation of three ChemSAFE Safe Havens. North America Sales Representative Scott Sweatt and Service Manager Keith Darnell dedicated four days to installing and commissioning the three 30-person ChemSAFE Standard Design units at the site.  During this time, the team conducted operational training for INVISTA site trainers.

Custom feature - an external vestibule fitted on existing exits.
ChemSAFE Safe Haven on location at INVISTA
ChemSAFE Safe Haven on location at INVISTA

Chemical Safe Haven Design Features

By request, each INVISTA ChemSAFE features an external vestibule that was fitted directly to existing building exits. This vestibule ensures an air-tight access point for facility personnel to move safely between on-site buildings and the shelter during an emergency without the risk of exposure to external atmospheric hazards.

The unit’s blast rated structural capacity allows free movement with an explosion, ensuring that the chemical safe haven maintains its integrity.

The INVISTA ChemSAFEs features the following equipment:

MineARC remains at the forefront of safe haven technology and continues to create new partnerships with companies like INVISTA that seriously take the safety of its employees. MineARC looks forward to continuing a relationship with INVISTA in the future.

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