Inside a Multi-Use Blast-Resistant Building for Chemical Facilities

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Look inside a ChemSAFE blast-resistant building. This video highlights the features of a custom ChemSAFE BRB, including positive pressure, digital gas
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This video highlights the features of a custom, ChemSAFE blast-resistant building (BRB) built at the MineARC Systems America manufacturing facility.

Customising a ChemSAFE BRB

The multi-use ChemSAFE blast-resistant building protects against petrochemical plant hazards such as a blast, toxic, or flammable gas release. It can also serve as a break room, change area, or workspace and are fully customisable.

Some of the standard features shown in the video include:

All MineARC Safe Havens comply with the highest international regulations and recognised ‘world’s best practice’ industry guidelines.

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