How to Operate a ChemSAFE Utility Design Shelter

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This video demonstrates how to operate a fully sealed, chemical shelter - the ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Haven
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Operating Your ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Haven

This video demonstrates each step in the operation of a Utility Design ChemSAFE Chemical Safe Haven.

The chemical shelter is fully sealed, offering 0% air change per hour (ACH) for long term occupancy in a toxic gas release.

Some features shown include:

  • ELV Scrubbing System with pre-packaged CO2 chemicals
  • Breathable air (O2) supply
  • Positive Pressure Flushing System (PPFS)
  • Aura-FX Gas Monitoring
  • Air conditioning and dehumidifying
  • Internal lighting / external warning lights and siren
  • Communications connection
  • Internal or external vestibule
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