How to Easily Connect an EnviroLAV Waste Transfer Tank

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This video demonstrates the steps taken to connect a waste transfer tank to an EnviroLAV portable toilet.
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Connecting the EnviroLAV Waste Transfer Tank

This video demonstrates how to safely connect the Waste Transfer Tank to an EnviroLAV portable toilet. The training video includes a Standard Design toilet, Waste Transfer Tank, and pneumatic Waste Transfer Pump. 

The Waste Transfer Tank is a fully portable unit that allows for efficient waste removal, rendering relocation of the toilet obsolete.

Utilising a gravity feed to transfer waste from the EnviroLAV to the waste transfer tank, the unit can hold up to 2000L. 

Additionally, the pneumatic Waste Transfer Pump is also an available extra, allowing the transfer of waste from the EnviroLAV without the need for lifting.

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