EnviroLAV Meets Needs Of Women In Mining Across Africa

EnviroLAV Meets Needs of Women in Mining
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Safety and hygiene requirements for women in mining across Africa have been met with the latest EnviroLAV Toilet design.
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MineARC was pleased to attend the Women in Mining Conference in August 2015. Hosted by the African Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) in partnership with the Mine Health and Safety Council (MHSC).

Held in commemoration of Women’s Month 2015, the two-day conference’s theme was ‘Prioritising the Health, Safety and Security of Women in Mining’.

Speakers addressed the occupational challenges faced by women in the industry, such as safety and security. Additionally discussed effective ways to create a more conducive environment for women in the mining sector.

The Minister for Mineral Resources, Advocate Ngoako A. Ramatlhodi (MP), was joined by stakeholders in the mining industry, including representatives from organised business and organised labour. South African Business Development Manager, Mike Sullivan, represented MineARC Systems during the conference, building a strong relationship with DMR Occupational Hygiene Director Constance Kekana.

Hygiene Solutions for Women in Mining

MineARC was fortunate to have the opportunity to display the EnviroLAV Waste Management System at the conference. The award-winning toilet was well-received by attendees. One of the major advantages of the EnviroLAV is that it provides gender-specificprivate toilet facilities for women in mining; something that until now has been severely lacking in the industry.

Designed to be simple to operate and maintain, the EnviroLAV is a semi-permanent structure that can be used both above and below ground wherever there is access to compressed air or electricity.

The EnviroLAV’s structure consists of lockable latrine facilities mounted on top of a miniature biological treatment plant, allowing for complete privacy during use. The interior features a sterile handwashing facility utilising MineARC’s own EnviroWASH hand sanitising solution.


With the amount of contact between employees and waste matter vastly reduced compared to conventional portable toilets in the mining industry, the EnviroLAV makes for a far more hygienic working environment.

Available in male, female and unisex configurations, the unit can be customised for any requirement.

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