Chemours Maitland Canada Invest in Chemical Safe Haven

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The ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Haven was recommended as an appropriate solution for Chemours' Emergency Response Procedure (ERP).
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Chemours Maitland facility, located in Ontario, Canada, approached MineARC to provide a chemical safe haven solution. Due to the nature of production, Chemours Maitland required a solution to provide an emergency shelter for personnel during an accidental chemical release or other hazards.

About Chemours

The Chemours Company is a world leader in titanium technologies, fluoro products, and chemical solutions. With 45 manufacturing and laboratory sites worldwide, serving customers in over 130 countries, Chemours is committed to providing high-quality, high-performance refrigerant solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Risk Assessment and Emergency Planning 

MineARC performed a site visit to the Chemours Maitland facility in April 2015 to examine a series of potential locations for a safe haven. Following this, the team delivered a tailored report that included recommendations based on ease of access and gaseous hazards.

Based on their particular requirements and with no risk of an explosion within the facility, MineARC recommended that a ChemSAFE Utility Design be an appropriate solution for their Emergency Response Procedure (ERP).

Designing a Chemical Safe Haven for Snowy Conditions

Confident that portable safe havens were a better and more cost-efficient option than upgrading existing on-site rooms into permanent shelters, Chemours Maitland purchased two 26-person ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Havens.

The first unit’s located in the basement of the office building, so it can be accessed by personnel without leaving the offices.

Adjoining the control room via a custom-made shroud sits the secondary shelter, allowing control room operators to move without being exposed to any potentially hazardous gases safely. This safe haven is insulated and includes a custom battery box and air conditioner heating arrangement to ensure continued performance even at -30°C temperatures.

Both chemical safe havens feature an extra-low-voltage (ELV) scrubbing system and breathable oxygen supply, with a 12 hour minimum UPS battery backup supply.

MineARC continues to have an ongoing relationship with The Chemours Company in its pursuit of providing only the best when it comes to the safety of its personnel.

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