TunnelSAFE Rail Design Refuge Chamber

The TunnelSAFE Rail Design Refuge Chamber can be rail mounted or fixed to a tunnelling project's existing rescue train; providing a portable safe haven for site personnel during routine inspections and maintenance works. As a long term safety option for the entire life of the tunnel, these chambers are robust and fully serviceable.


MineARC's TunnelSAFE Rail Design Refuge Chamber is highly customisable to suit any tunnelling project and can be built to comply with British Standard (BS EN 16191:2014) Safety Requirements for Tunnelling Machinery or the ITA's "Guidelines for the Provision of Refuge Chambers Under Construction".

TunnelSAFE Rail Design Refuge Chambers can also be fitted with remote monitoring systems, or the client's own remote control system.


Model Occupancy Compliance Height (m) Width (m) Length (m) Weight (kg)
TS-RD1-10-ELV-24-I 10-Person ITA 2.00 1.60 5.60 4800
TS-RD3-10-ELV-24-E 10-Person BS EN 2.00 1.60 7.00 5950
TS-RD2-12-ELV-24-I 12-Person ITA 2.00 1.60 6.30 5400
TS-RD4-12-ELV-24-E 12-Person BS EN 2.00 1.60 7.95 6200
TS-RD3-14-ELV-24-I 14-Person ITA 2.00 1.60 7.00 5950
TS-RD5-14-ELV-24-E 14-Person BS EN 2.00 1.60 9.00 6450
TS-RD4-16-ELV-24-I 16-Person ITA 2.00 1.60 7.95 6200
TS-RD6-16-ELV-24-E 16-Person BS EN 2.00 1.60 9.80 6700
TS-RD5-20-ELV-24-I 20-Person ITA 2.00 1.60 9.00 6450
TS-RD8-20-ELV-24-E 20-Person BS EN 2.00 1.60 11.70 7200
TS-RD7-24-ELV-24-I 24-Person ITA 2.00 1.60 10.50 6920
  • Designed to be mounted on a Rail Trolley
  • Self-regenerative ELV CO and CO2 scrubbing
  • Medical O2 regulator and backup
  • Positive pressure maintenance system with visual reference
  • Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring
  • Air conditioning and dehumidifying
  • 5mm steel plate construction with reflective signage
  • Full UPS 24hr battery backup system
  • Ergonomically designed seating
  • External strobe lighting; internal fluorescent lighting
  • GuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring
  • Fully Flushing, High Pressure Airlock
  • Special Dimensions and Configurations
  • Duration Upgrade
  • Blast Rating Upgrade
  • Blast Shield Protection
  • Misting System for External Temperature Control
  • Automated Oxygen Delivery System
  • Step Down Transformer
  • First Aid Kit
  • Carbon Monoxide Safety-Off-System

Chamber Exterior – Front

The ‘face’ of the refuge chamber is designed primarily for easy identification and quick access during an emergency.

The strobe lighting, warning siren and reflective signage alert passers-by to the chamber’s location, whilst the rotating door handles provide simple, straight forward access to the safety of the interior.

Chamber Interior

Inside a TunnelSAFE Rail Design Refuge Chamber, a number of vital life-support systems combine to create a safe, ongoing environment for occupants. Systems include; primary and secondary air (oxygen) supplies, air conditioning systems, positive pressure systems, electrical systems, gas detection and a chemical scrubbing system.

The TunnelSAFE Rail Design uses active chemicals and MineARC's ELV (extra-low-voltage) Scrubbing System to ‘scrub’ the build up of harmful CO2 (carbon dioxide) and CO (carbon monoxide) from the air inside the refuge chamber.

Comparison Table

Aura-FX Gas Monitoring CAMS Gantry Mobile Portable 24hrs Battery Backup

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