GuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring

MineARC’s GuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring is an exciting new development in refuge chamber technology. GuardIAN enables real-time monitoring; providing confidence that an operation’s fleet of refuge chambers are emergency ready at all times.

GuardIAN is an independent system that continuously monitors all vital refuge operating systems. During standby mode, GuardIAN checks for component faults and monitors refuge chamber usage or entry to the chamber.

GuardIAN is available as an option on any new MineARC Refuge Chamber or Safe Haven, and also to retrofit to existing chambers during an upgrade or refurbishment.

GuardIAN Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics System

GuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring

With simple “plug and play” installation, set up and connectivity of GuardIAN is fast and easy. All diagnostics and real-time monitoring are easily accessible through a secure, locally hosted webpage; compatible with any computer, tablet or smart phone. The GuardIAN online interface home page features a summary of your entire refuge chamber fleet and overall operational status, with the ability to drill down to a detailed report of each chamber.

When utilised as part of the full System Intelligence network, GuardIAN can provide a range of additional diagnostic features. For Refuge Chambers with a MineARC Compressed Air Management System (CAMS), the GuardIAN dashboard will provide vital information relating to the integrity of the internal refuge chamber atmosphere. An increase in CAMS activity would indicate a breach of the refuge chamber seal, thus sending an alert to designated personnel that there is a problem.

When utililsed in conjunction with MineARC’s Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring System, GuardIAN will also provide real-time gas monitoring data and analysis.

  • Internal streaming video monitoring (external optional)
  • Emergency, remote monitoring of occupant well-being
  • Standby mode monitoring & notifications
  • VOIP video phone connectivity between the chamber & surface
  • CAMS chamber integrity diagnostics (when used in conjunction with CAMS as part of the System Intelligence package)
  • Aura-FX gas monitoring diagnostics (when used in conjunction with Aura-FX as part of the System Intelligence package)
  • Automated system event logging & notification
  • Fault logging & system diagnostics
  • Internal & external environmental testing
  • Responsive multi-device interface
  • Quick view dashboard
  • Event notification to designated personnel via email
  • Smartphone and tablet connectivity
  • Plug & play installation

Live video streaming can greatly assist in evacuation planning during an emergency; providing the capability to determine the capacity of the refuge chamber and monitor the well-being of occupants. It is also useful in monitoring unauthorised usage of the refuge chamber, or on sites where theft is an issue.

Internal video monitoring is provided by a remote controlled, motion activated GuardIAN IP camera. External video monitoring is also available as an optional upgrade to the GuardIAN System.

Motion detectors on the IP cameras will notify GuardIAN to send out an email notice to designated staff with a still image alerting them to chamber usage. When activated, the cameras will send out a live, recorded stream of both the interior and exterior of the refuge chamber.

To assist occupants during an emergency or safety drill, GuardIAN also equips your refuge chamber with a VOIP video phone. This facilitates face-to-face communication between the refuge chamber and the surface; improving the psychological well-being of chamber occupants during an emergency and providing assistance to perform any difficult or technical procedures.

An added benefit of VOIP video phone access is that underground service and maintenance staff can make contact with technicians on the surface or even to be connected through to the MineARC Service Team for trouble shooting assistance.


MineARC’s Series IV Digital Control System links directly to GuardIAN, streaming real-time system data to a surface control room. Data includes automated system checks, fault logging (battery, scrubber, temperature and inverter), system diagnostics, internal and external temperature measurements, and system actions such as scrubber activation.

System faults, events and scheduled service notifications can be sent to designated personnel as email alerts; notifying them of upcoming service requirements, potential emergencies or system errors as they occur.

GuardIAN remote monitoring & diagnostics

GuardIAN’s secure online interface is hosted on an internal server within the refuge chamber so that no software installation is required. This interface enables the user to monitor their full chamber network status on one simple menu screen, and then drill down further to detailed activity reports, fault logs and system diagnostics for each individual refuge chamber.

The responsive web interface is easily accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Extra features like live video monitoring and event push notification are available through all devices including smart phones and tablets.

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