Refuge Chambers, Safe Havens & Grow Rooms - Controlled Environments for Industry

At MineARC Systems, we specialise in the engineer and supply of 'controlled environments'. This ranges from life-saving refuge chambers and safe havens for the mining, petrochemical and tunnelling industries, to disaster relief shelters for extreme weather scenarios, and our newest product offering - grow rooms for agricultural and research applications.  MineARC Systems have been leading the way in controlled environments since 1999; our dedication to ongoing research and development keeping us at the forefront of safe refuge technology.

MineARC chambers are designed with a key focus on quality control and product development. All MineARC refuge chambers, safe havens, and grow rooms comply with the highest international regulations and recognised ‘world’s best practice’ industry guidelines.

MineARC Systems chambers continue to set the benchmark for design, development, and manufacturing.

MineARC Chambers

MineSAFE Refuge Chamber Logo from MineARC Systems

MineSAFE Refuge Chamber

MineSAFE Refuge Chambers are designed for underground hard-rock or metalliferous mines.

ChemSAFE Safe Haven Logo from MineARC Systems

ChemSAFE Safe Haven

ChemSAFE Safe Havens and Shelter-in-Place provide sealed environments for petrochemical facilities.

TunnelSAFE Refuge Chamber Logo from MineARC Systems

TunnelSAFE Refuge Chamber

TunnelSAFE Refuge Chambers can be customised to suit the requirements of tunnelling projects.

CoalSAFE Refuge Chamber Logo from MineARC Systems

CoalSAFE Refuge Chamber

CoalSAFE Refuge Chambers provide underground coal mine sites with an intrinsically safe emergency response solution.

StormSAFE Shelter Logo from MineARC Systems

StormSAFE Shelter

StormSAFE Shelters are engineered to withstand extreme wind speeds and severe weather conditions, including cyclones and lightning.

Biora Growth Chamber Logo from MineARC Systems

Biora Grow Rooms

Biora Plant Growth Chambers provide customised controlled environments to the biotechnology industry.

What is a Controlled Environment?

A Controlled Environment, otherwise known as a 'Controlled Atmosphere' (CA) is a volume of space that is being manipulated to maintain constant environmental conditions, independent of any conditions existing externally to the space.

This applies to refuge chambers or safe havens, which are closed circuit breathing apparatuses within a sealed container; where carbon dioxide and other toxins are removed, oxygen is added, and temperature and humidity are maintained, all while protecting occupants from the external threat.

It also applies to plant growth chambers, which require critical elements such as lighting, temperature, humidity, and gas levels to be controlled within the volume.

Chamber Upgrades and Additional Options

MineARC chamber in petrochemical industry

MineARC Systems provides solutions through understanding our client's requirements. Chambers vary in design and engineering to suit individual industry applications and regulations. In addition to these requirements, a project's specific needs may require optional additions or even a custom solution.

A range of optional features can be added to a MineARC Systems Chamber such as an increased blast rating, transport variations, pressure systems, gas monitoring and even advanced monitoring and diagnostics.

Training Chambers for On-Site Learning

MineARC Training Chambers are designed to assist sites in the education and development of staff. The training chambers are available in three configurations – Standard Design with Series IV Scrubber, Standard Design with Series III Scrubber and Compact Design with ELVP Scrubber. They have been engineered to allow for convenient service, maintenance and operational training in an above-ground, controlled environment.

Inside looks of MineSAFE chamber