AirGEN Scrubbing Systems Provides Breathable Air in N.B.C Shelter

MineARC works hard to provide innovative, lifesaving solutions that cover multiple industrial uses. One such product is our AirGEN.

Every Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) Shelter should have the capability of complete isolation to the external environment. Commonly available ventilation systems such as the ANDAIR and Safe Cell require potentially contaminated air drawn from the external environment to function.

AirGEN Scrubbing System situated within a shelter

Although they use HEPA and/or charcoal filtration, they can only provide very limited protection from chemical and biological agents and are not tested at all against any form of nuclear radiation.

In the immediate aftermath of a seismic nuclear incident such as an explosion or reactor failure, radioactive particles (alpha, beta, and gamma), in addition to high energy X-rays, will propagate out from the impact site.

Radioactive fallout poses the greatest threat to people in the days following a blast. The National Institute for Occupational Health & Safety (NIOSH) states in their guidance document, "Filtration and Air- Cleaning Systems to Protect Building Environments from Airborne Chemical, Biological, or Radiological Attack" that “...filtration and air cleaning devices would be ineffective at stopping the blast and radiation itself.” Shutting off the internal ventilation from the contaminated air outside is the only way to ensure the filtration system does not become contaminated with nuclear particles.

With the NBC Shelter isolated from the external environment, it is critical to have a system available to remove carbon dioxide exhaled by the people inside the shelter as well as providing a source of oxygen. Without a means to remove the carbon dioxide and add oxygen to the air within a sealed environment, the occupants will quickly suffer carbon dioxide poisoning and then suffocate from a lack of oxygen. The time in which this will occur is based on the volume of the shelter and the number of occupants.

The solution is a MineARC AirGEN Standalone Scrubbing System, in addition to an oxygen supply. A single AirGEN provides the capacity to survive in isolation from the outside atmosphere for up to a week without electrical power or indefinitely using any 6-34V DC power supply. With radioactive fallout decaying rapidly, with time, using the AirGEN to isolate the outside atmosphere ensures a better chance of safeguarding shelter occupants until the outside air clears or rescue can be achieved.

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