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Janny Huang, who has been with MineArc for over a decade, shares her journey and insights towards the progress of women’s roles in the industry.
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Janny Huang, MineARC’s Translator and Sales Support has been with the company for over a decade. She has been there to see it all, including the evolution of MineARC from a twenty-member organisation, to now to over a hundred!

In this article, Janny shares her journey and experiences with MineARC, and insights towards the progress of women’s roles in the industry.

The Beginning

For a person like Janny, growth and innovation were her key drivers to working with MineARC, “I was lucky to pass the interview and have never looked back”, Janny happily recalls. “I had been with another mining company for a while. Despite being an international company, I felt that I wasn’t fully utilising my skills and I didn’t quite like the atmosphere of being stuck in my own cubicle.”

Janny started out her career as a translator in 2009, during a period when MineARC was focussing on breaking into the Chinese market. Today, she oversees the quality of translation and communication documents in Chinese, while providing admin and reporting support to the sales team. “My translation job requires me to try to understand the technical aspects of all our products. The sales support work gives me access to deeper and broader product and market information. As a result, I can see a more complete picture of our business.”

The Value of MineARC

Knowing we are improving safety and our products save lives makes me excited and fulfilled”, was Janny’s response when asked about her motivation in-and-out of work. She believes that MineARC’s incessant pursuit for new technologies in the industry, such as the tech innovations of our products, are the future of underground mining.

Being with MineARC for over a decade, Janny has been there to see the organisation evolve. “When I joined, there were probably less than twenty employees in the company. We worked as a family. The team has grown more than five-fold and yet the family atmosphere is still here. I love that we work and celebrate very collaboratively.”

“I am always amazed by women, including MineARC co-workers, excelling in areas of which the workers were traditionally male.”

The Gender Topic


Being one of the few female members of MineARC’s family back then, she is delighted to see more and more female colleagues now; and even more so that they are doing extremely well. “I am always amazed by women, including MineARC co-workers, excelling in areas such as Operations, Engineering and Service, of which the workers were traditionally male”.

Overall, she is pleased with the progress of gender equality in the industry, saying that “more companies have established policies to drive gender equality such as ensuring workers are compensated based on their work instead of their gender”.

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