Above Ground Toilet Changes Hygiene Landscape

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The EnviroLAV Above Ground Toilet suits a diverse range of environments, from industrial construction sites, to remote regional communities.
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One of the most attractive features of the EnviroLAV is its suitability to a diverse range of environments – from isolated underground mines to unforgiving industrial construction sites, to remote regional communities. A free-standing, mobile unit, the EnviroLAV’s robust structure is constructed from 5mm steel plating, making it tough enough to withstand harsh conditions both above and below ground.

EnviroLAV Above Ground Toilet Changes Hygiene Landscape in Mining and Industry

With 18 months’ worth of development and refinement now invested, the EnviroLAV is beginning to turn heads as a stand out product in waste management. Recently taking out its first award – The Australian Prospect Award for Mine Safety – it is attracting strong industry praise for its hygienic operation, and deficient maintenance required.

Initially built for underground mining, the EnviroLAV is now making a splash in above-ground regional areas, introducing a variety of models to suit numerous specifications. The range now includes a standard unisex unit, a dual-use toilet with the option for dedicated male and female toilets, and a compact model with a smaller footprint for use when space is a limiting factor.

The EnviroLAV is well suited to remote use due to its environmentally sound waste management system that remarkably needs only be emptied once every 12 months. This minimal maintenance requirement is made possible by the incredibly efficient waste breakdown process, unique in the portable toilet industry.

The system harnesses two different forms of currently existing organic technologies that accelerate the process when combined. “The EnviroLAV utilises bacteria and enzymes that anaerobically break down waste,” said Geoff Whittaker, MineARC Director. “We have combined this biotechnology with compressed air is driven aerobic effects, resulting in a system that breaks waste down to microscopic carbonaceous particles that, after evaporating, leave a minimal remaining residue.”

With pneumatic and electric versions currently on offer and a solar-powered unit is in the works, the EnviroLAV boasts features and benefits that no other toilet in the industry can match. “You know you have a good product and a clever idea when it starts to lend itself to other applications,” says Whittaker. “With the industrial interest, the EnviroLAV is already attracting we see this product potentially revolutionising the waste management industry”.

MineARC’s in-house engineers can customise the EnviroLAV to suit any scenario or environment.


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