Chamber maintenance
made easier.

Chamber maintenance tools and resources are now literally at your fingertips, with the recent release of our free Service App.

Manage the maintenance of your entire refuge chamber fleet in one location, with historical reporting, consumable expiries and a resource library for troubleshooting assistance.

Whether you conduct your chamber servicing yourself or our MineARC technicians do it for you, our Service App will make managing the health of your chambers quicker and easier.

How will the Service App benefit you?

Manage your full fleet of chambers in one place.

Chamber details, locations, service history and componentry expiries – all available on one dashboard, making the general management and service scheduling of your refuge chamber fleet simple and easy.

Better maintenance practices.

Self-servicing site? Have confidence your personnel are servicing these life saving devices in the correct manner, with easy step-by-step guides and a troubleshooting/FAQ library. After servicing reporting is generated automatically  for time-saving and accuracy. 

Be prepared for servicing and expiries.

No more surprises or last minute scheduling. Enjoy full visibility of when chambers are due for service, as well as when consumables are nearing expiry.

Offline mode for underground use.

No need to rely on an internet connection. Our Service App can be used underground, and will sync automatically when a network is found. 

Contact us if you would like access to the Service App as part of your self-servicing or general chamber management regime.

We will be pleased to provide a training session to help you navigate
the many features available through the app.