Buy any MineSAFE Refuge Chamber and get this
SiriUS-ly good deal*

When you purchase any MineSAFE Refuge Chamber between now and 31st December 2023, you’ll receive 24 FREE SiriUS Corded or Cordless Cap Lamps and a FREE 24-module Charger Rack.*

To place an order, or for more information, please contact

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Corded and Cordless Cap Lamps from the SiriUS range have been engineered with user experience in mind. Available in a distinctive yellow design, the SiriUS Cap Lamp offers world-leading illumination across multiple beam settings.

The SiriUS Cap Lamp features a CRI of over 90 and a minimum 15-hour duration, with the Charger Rack providing a robust and convenient charging location.

Terms & Conditions Apply

* All MineARC MineSAFE Refuge Chambers are included in this promotion. 24 SiriUS Cap Lamps can be corded, cordless or a mix.
** Offer valid until 31st December 2023 in Europe, South East Asia and Korea.
** Offer valid until 29th February 2024 in Greater Africa (excl. South Africa).
*** The client may pay to upgrade their cap lamp to the SiriUS-LUX with tracking capabilities if preferred.
**** Certain countries are excluded from this promotion – please speak with your MineARC representative for details.