Monitor your external environment with a free GuardIAN Master Gas Node.

With the purchase of GuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring for any new chamber or as a retrofit, MineARC will include a free GuardIAN Master Gas Node, complete with four gas sensors*. This will allow the remote monitoring of atmospheric conditions surrounding the refuge chamber; vital information to both internal occupants and emergency rescue teams.

As part of the GuardIAN Intelligence Network, the Master Gas Node can be expanded upon with a string of Satellite Nodes; allowing increased coverage and accuracy of data transmitted between MineARC Refuge Chambers, underground personnel and above-ground control.

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Key Features

  • Master node, ready for up to 20 satellite gas, tracking and lighting nodes
  • Monitor up to 4 different gases* surrounding the refuge chamber
  • Remote visual alerts
  • Clear digital interface
  • Connects to the GuardIAN Network
  • Inclusive of temperature monitoring
  • Integrated tracking options, helping with personnel identification in an emergency
  • Assists with ERT prioritisation Terms

*Gas sensors include O2, CO, NO2 and SOx
**Node delivery time frame is based on PCB availability, and therefore may require installation after refuge chamber commissioning
***GuardIAN Refuge Chamber monitoring must be purchased at full price to qualify for this promotion
****Certain countries are excluded from this promotion – please speak with your MineARC representative for details

Free GuardIAN Gas Node Promotion