Facilitate your rescue team's emergency response procedures with the addition of a mobile chamber or rescue vehicle; providing the ultimate solution to a safe and efficient extraction plan.

MineSAFE Refuge Chamber Suitable for 8 People

Mobile Refuge Chambers and Rescue Vehicles

MineARC offers a range of mobile chamber and rescue vehicle solutions for Emergency Response Teams to safely extract personnel from a hazardous scenario. Many of our units provide the same positive pressure, life-sustaining environment as a standard MineARC Refuge Chamber, with the added benefit of being able to travel in and out of an area with ease. MineARC's mobile range includes solutions for both road and rail in rough terrain.

Rescue Vehicle

The Rescue Vehicle combines the safety of a refuge chamber with the manoeuvrability of a modern mine transport vehicle;  giving emergency response teams the flexibility to safely extract injured personnel.

  • Carbon dioxide control
  • Advanced braking system
  • 4-person carrier plus stretcher

Rail Design

The Rail Design Refuge Chamber can be rail mounted or fixed to a tunnelling project's existing rescue train; providing a portable safe haven for site personnel during routine inspections & maintenance.

  • Mounted on rail trolley
  • Aura-FX
  • 10-24 people

MSV Design

The MSV Design Refuge Chamber is engineered to be mounted to a multi-service vehicle; providing a portable safe haven for tunnelling personnel during routine inspections & maintenance.

  • Mounted to multi-service vehicle
  • Aura-FX
  • 10-24 people


Provides a unique solution to safe and secure patient extraction from underground mining environments.

  • Underground mine vehicle
  • Air conditioned rear cabin
  • 2 person carrier plus stretcher