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Chambers and Safety Shelters

At MineARC Systems, we specialise in the engineer and supply of safe refuge shelters. This ranges from life-saving refuge chambers and safe havens for the mining, petrochemical and tunnelling industries, to disaster relief shelters for extreme weather scenarios.  MineARC Systems have been leading the way in refuge chamber manufacture since 1999; our dedication to ongoing research and development keeping us at the forefront of safe shelter technology.

MineARC chambers are designed with a key focus on quality control and product development. All MineARC refuge chambers and safe havens comply with the highest international regulations and recognised ‘world’s best practice’ industry guidelines.

MineARC Systems chambers continue to set the benchmark for design, development, and manufacturing.

Explore Our Range of Life-Saving Chambers

Refuge Chambers  form an integral part of an underground hard rock mine’s wider Emergency Response Plan (ERP).

Offer a secure ‘go-to’ area for personnel in the event of a toxic chemical release, fire, explosion or other hazardous scenario.

Our tunnelling chambers can comply with  EN 16191:2014, BS 6164:2011 the ITA’s “Guidelines for the Provision of Refuge Chambers”

Intrinsically safe chambers, designed to suit coal mining regulation requirements; including MSHA federal regulations.

Provide safe refuge solutions for remote sites; minimising costly downtime by allowing personnel to remain on-site. 

Provide a unique solution for Emergency Response Teams to safely extract personnel from a hazardous scenario.