Life Support Systems

Life Support Systems​ AirMAX Life Support System ​ The AirMAX Life Support System design is for non-built-for-purpose buildings that do not meet acceptable leak tightness for shelter-in-place. With ventilation shut down, a typical building can have up to five air changes per hour or higher depending on wind speed. Door operation as people enter can potentially bring additional

Standalone Uninteruptable Power Supply

Standalone Uninteruptable Power Supply TBC ENQUIRE BROCHURE Product Overview Product Specifications Standard Features Optional Features Supporting Documents Product Overview MineARC understands the importance of blast protection for personnel working at a petrochemical facility. Third party testing has been performed by professional blast engineers, in accordance with ASCE: Design of Blast-Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities (2nd). As

Shelter-in-Place – ChemSAFE Sealed Rooms

Shelter-in-Place – ChemSAFE Sealed Rooms Shelter-in-Place options are intended for petrochemical facilities that do not have the physical space for a portable Safe Haven. A ChemSAFE Sealed Room is a pressurised shelter that is incorporated into an existing site building, and can provide a convenient means of protecting personnel from a toxic gas release. These modular

Blast Resistant Building – ChemSAFE BRB

Blast Resistant Buildings – ChemSAFE BRB Blast Resistant Buildings (otherwise known as BRBs or Blast Resistant Modules) are multi-use facilities designed to provide protection from a petrochemical plant hazard such as a blast, toxic or flammable gas release. MineARC’s ChemSAFE BRBs are portable, pre-fabricated steel buildings that can also serve as workspaces, control rooms, or break rooms

Air Quality Management

Air Quality Management Products – Creating a Safe, Breathable Atmosphere​ Air quality management products by MineARC Systems are designed to create safe, breathable air for personnel sheltering in an enclosed space. During entrapment, carbon dioxide is expired by the occupants as part of their normal breathing activity. Carbon monoxide and other toxic gases can also

Petrochemical Shelters for Hazardous Environments

Petrochemical Shelters for Hazardous Environments – ChemSAFE Safe Havens Petrochemical shelters from MineARC’s ChemSAFE range offer a safe and secure go-to area for multiple personnel in the event of a toxic chemical release, fire, explosion or other hazardous emergency response scenarios. The range includes fully transportable Safe Havens and Toxic Gas Shelters as well as Shelter-in-Place

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